Ryan Lipert

SLV School Board Candidate Trustee area 4


I am running for the San Lorenzo Valley School Board to ensure all decisions are made in the best interest of our students and help empower parents.I look forward to bringing my background and skills to drive district improvements, both financially and operationally. We need to make sure we are as efficient as possible and strive to be good stewards of the resources we have.As the husband of an educator, I know first hand how important it is to invest in our teachers and make sure they are supported. It is also important to have high standards and accountability across the entire district. If I am elected, restoring and maintaining trust in our teachers and district staff will be a top priority.If elected, I will immediately begin working to help reverse educational and mental health damage exacerbated by the pandemic and remote learning, improving the transportation and campus traffic headaches, and providing more access to vocational and STEM programs to prepare our students for the economy of tomorrow.As a father of two young girls who will soon be entering San Lorenzo Valley Elementary, I don't want the same leaders getting us the same results. I look forward to earning your vote as a new leader working to get better results and helping improve the quality of our valley schools for the benefit of all our students.

If I am elected, my top priorities would be:

  • Advocate for data driven decisions & accountability

  • Alleviate Traffic and Transportation Issues

  • Increase Pay and Benefits For Teachers

  • Support for Mental Health Initiatives

  • Ensure Our Schools are Safe and Secure

  • Increase Vocational and STEM Opportunities

  • Advocate for Increased Parent Involvement

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"Voting in the same people is going to give you the same results. For new results, you need new people. I believe Ryan is that "NEW PERSON" who will get things accomplished and make the district better for our children, parents, and teachers."
- Mike L. (Grandparent)

"We have known Ryan for many years. He is the REAL deal and we believe no one is more passionate, dedicated and committed to see our schools excel and be the best they can be. He is a great choice and we encourage you to support him and our schools with your vote!"
- J.R. and Laurie L. (Parent)

"I can’t think of a better candidate to represent the issues influencing our kids the most! Ryan Lipert, does what he says and says what he believes. SLV district 4 would be lucky to have him working for the engineers, teachers, and healthcare workers of tomorrow."
- Ryan H. (Parent)